Outdoor Lighting Specialists

Outdoor lights have a massive impact on both the outdoor ambience and security of your house. Zone Crew Landscape designers have the knowledge and experience to deliver your project on time and on budget.

Outdoor lighting plan
If you are ready to start planning your outdoor lighting, our Zone Crew Landscaping team can work with you to develop a lighting plan. This includes what lighting suits the style of your home and outdoor area, highlighting any steps or ledges that could benefit from higher levels of lighting and helping you plan a lighting and electrical layout.
Entrance lighting
It is important to have the right level of entrance lighting, so that you have easy access into your home. A Zone Crew Landscaping designer can provide you with expert guidance and installation. If you are wanting entrance lighting that suits the style and needs of you and your home, get in touch with Zone Crew to find out how we can help.

Stairway and passage lighting
With stairway and passageway lighting it is vital to have practical floor level lighting as a safety feature. With this in mind, there are still plenty of opportunities to insert some ambient lighting. A Zone Crew Landscaping designer can help you to create stairway or passageway lighting that works well for the safety and style of your home.
Deck and patio lighting
Safety with added atmosphere are important features for deck and patio lighting. Placing floor level lights near steps and ledges while also placing low output lights at varying levels is one way to achieve this. A Zone Crew Landscaping designer will ensure your deck and patio lighting is expertly installed.

Garage and driveway lighting
Two rows of trailing lights is a good way to ensure a safe and visible driveway, while wall mounted lights allow for safe garage entry. A Zone Crew Landscaping designer can assist you in planning and installing garage and driveway lights that meet the requirements of your home. If you would like more information, get in touch today to arrange a consultation.
Uplight tree
Spotlights and string lights are often used to create an uplight tree feature. If this is something you would like in your garden, a Zone Crew Landscaping designer can assist you in deciding on, and installing, lighting that will work best for your garden.

Light up the barbecue area
Safety lighting is a priority in barbecue areas, especially surrounding the barbecue, steps and any ledges. Tidy wiring is also an important safety factor. A Zone Crew Landscaping designer can assist you in planning and installing lighting in your barbecue area in a way that is safe and attractive. If you would like to book a consultation, get in touch.
Spot lighting
Spot lighting is a great way to highlight garden features and brighten up an outdoor space. If this is the type of lighting you are looking for, get in touch with a Zone Crew Landscaping designer. Our specialists can advise you on the best spotlight for your landscaping project and will provide a quality installation.

Security Lighting
Security lighting is important in any home. A Zone Crew Landscaping designer can advise you on the best motion sensor light for your home as well as a brightness and detection level that work best for your surroundings.