Driveways & Paths Specialists

First impressions count, and when it comes to that initial impact, your driveway can make or break. Choosing the surface that’s best suited to the site, blends harmoniously with the house and garden, and gives the greatest value for your dollar, is essential.

Concrete driveways
Concrete is a popular paving material for creating ‘solid-surface’ driveways, and is generally used to provide a sloped ‘cover’ for efficient water run-off. Concrete surfaces are low-maintenance, as well as cost-effective. So if you’re after a low-maintenance driveway with endless styling options and modern functionality, concrete pavers is just what you’re after. Contact Zone Crew to get your driveway started.
Asphalt driveways
Asphalt is similar to concrete in that they’re both made with stones and sand and it is equally popular. The binding cement that locks these materials together however, is different. Asphalt has a softer look and offers high performance at about half the cost. It is less prone to cracking compared to other paving materials. Don’t know what driveway to choose? Contact Zone Crew to help you through this process.

Gravel driveways
Gravel driveways are one of the most affordable paving options. They’re durable and easy to install and there’s no need to seal them. Gravel driveways are prone to stones scattering and do require ongoing maintenance. Call the Zone Crew experts to find out more.
Resin bound driveways
A porous resin-bound driveway deals with driveway run-off in an environmentally benign way. It’s also durable and can sustain heavy weights. Resin-bound driveways filter surface water back into the soil before it enters the waterways, so they do not puddle. They’re often more costly than traditional , and should be installed by approved specialists. For more information contact Zone Crew

Brick and cobblestone driveways
Classic brick driveways can withstand modern day usage giving your home an ‘old world’ charm. They are, however, more prone to cracking compared to cobblestone. Cobblestone pavers are typically more tough, stain resistant and require very little maintenance. When choosing brick or cobblestone, remember to match it with the colour of your home. Contact Zone Crew for more info.