Deck & Pergola Specialists

Zone Crew have the experience to ensure that your deck or pergola is purpose-built, looks great and is delivered on-time and on-budget.

Softwoods Decks
Wood is the most popular decking material for its aesthetic feel and seamless fit into the natural environment. Radiata pine and Macrocarpa are the most common softwoods for decks in England as they are widely available and add an elegant and organic feel to your outdoor space.
Hardwoods Decks
Hardwoods are long-lasting and are prized for their attractive grains and rich colour. Kwila and Vitex are amongst the most popular hardwoods for decking use in UK. It’s important to choose hardwoods that are certified sustainable and Zone Crew will give you a full range of options to choose from.

Solid Composite Decks
Eco-decking is made from recycled materials, usually, wood and plastic combined into an eco-friendly material. The wood provides a natural look and feel, while the plastic protects it from moisture. Its maintenance free and non-slip nature makes it popular around pool areas and in entry-ways or access ramps.
Pergolas & Louvres
We ensure that your deck or pergola is built for purpose with factors like how many people will be using the space in line with resource consents and/or height to boundary restrictions. Whether your pergola or opening roof is small, medium or large, we’d love to hear from you.