Domestic Services

Driveways can be one of the most forepart features of your property giving the first impression to your visitors. Over time these well-trafficked surfaces can attract stains, dirt, moss and algae.
Patios look attractive when first installed but over time can attract algae and moss. We at ZoneCrew Landscaping & Pressure Washing will restore these looks to give you a peace of mind and help you impress any visitors. Here at ZoneCrew Landscaping & Pressure Washing, we take care of these premium features of your property by restoring the looks and cleaning away any slip and fall hazards.
Whether your driveways are block paving, tarmac or concrete, our experienced staff will restore them to give a good first impression as well as a good value to your property.
So if your driveway or patio needs a clean please contact our friendly and experience staff to get a free quotation.

If you need deep cleaning of your key residential amenities please contact our friendly and experience staff to get a free quotation.

Private Roads, Tennis Courts, Swimming Pool Surrounds and House and Garden Walls
These key features increase the attractiveness of your property but over time, they get covered in moss and algae, deteriorating the overall look of your property and also by being health and safety hazards. We will help you to restore the looks of the key amenities and remove any moss and algae, that pose a hazard as well as diminishes the looks. Our experts know how to ensure careful cleaning of delicate surfaces without any risk to damage these materials. By using effective cleaning products and solvents our team will provide you good results on these features and services and help you increase the value of your property.
Outdoor Furniture
ZoneCrew Landscaping & Pressure Washing will help you take care of your garden furniture. We have years of experience of restoring the well needed look to your outdoor furniture. Our team will follow special procedures, whether your furniture is wood or plastic, to ensure and built up moss or algae and other dirt is removed and restore the original beauty these products first came with. If you need your outdoor furniture to be cleaned and restored with a good impression please contact our friendly and experience staff to get a free quotation.